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Kid in need of counseling services in Lincoln, NE

KICKS Counseling

Are you or someone you care about experiencing any of these issues?

Depression/mood problems


Overwhelming Stress

Child/Teen Behavior Issues
Trouble with Family

Sexual Addiction/Issues
School Issues
Sexual Identity/Gender Identity Issues
Concerns about Suicide/Self Harm
Odd Behaviors
Child/Teen getting into legal trouble
Frequent contact from school about your child
Work related issues/stress
Financial stress
Sexual Issues

You might be experiencing some of the above issues or might be concerned about your kid(s) behavior or situation.

I can help:

I provide individual counseling services and family therapy in Lincoln, NE. I have experience working with hundreds of children and adolescents with behavior and emotional issues.  Working in the public schools and in private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska, I have extensive experience in solving problems that initially seem too complex to deal with.

I take special pride in coming up with common sense solutions to complex problems while maintaining a sharpened, clinical eye out for mental health disorders.  I have also worked a great deal with adults on a variety of issues including:  Stress, anxiety, depression, life crisis situations, child/teen problems and domestic violence.

My primary specialty is working with adolescents (teens) with severe behavioral and emotional issues.  I also have a secondary specialty in working with families that are in crisis because of marital, family and child/teen issues.  These common problems can be helped by the common sense approaches that I employ.

Most of the services I provide fall under the categories of individual or family therapy.  The Counseling Process follows this typical process:

1. Enrollment  This includes all of the initial paperwork that is required to begin the counseling process.  If insurance is going to be used, the insurance information will also be needed at this time.

2.Intake  During the first session, we will review confidentiality and the counseling process.  I will ask you about your expectations and further clarify my duties and expectations.

3.Interview  Clients are initially interviewed about their needs and what they expect from counseling.

4. Treatment Plan  We will discuss how the counseling process will move forward and I will also provide suggestions on how to move forward right away. I believe in getting answers/assistance as soon as possible so I try to do that for all clients if possible.

5. Counseling sessions  Some people do need to come in on a weekly basis.  We try to develop a plan about frequency of sessions so that there is some idea of how long/how often to come in.  Often, clients will just come in whenever they need to and this is acceptable as well.  Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes long.

6. Discontinuation  As clients progress, they often do not need to continue regular counseling sessions. In this case, we agree to close the case with the understanding that they can always return if needed.

To schedule an appointment please call: 402-430-6912 or contact Scott through this site. The office is located at 237 So. 70th Street, Lincoln, 68510.